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Celebrate Ukraine Fundraiser - April 10

Thank you to everyone who supported our Celebrate Ukraine Fundraiser and Silent Auction in April. It was a very moving night. We had over 175 people attend. Many enjoyed the delicious food from the Ukrainian Fine Food Truck. We heard from Alexander Iwasyk, who spoke about Ukrainian resiliency. We also enjoyed musical performances from Ukrainian Korinnia (The Roots) Choir, Iryna Kalinovich who performed on the Bandura (traditional Ukrainian instrument) and Prof. Edmond Agopian (violin) & Prof. Jani Parsons (piano) who performed music composed by Ukrainian musicians.

We are thrilled to report that we raised $5778. This total does not include many people who donated directly to the organization at the door using the QR code. We are unable track these donations directly but are very appreciative and thankful for these donations. All proceeds from the silent auction and performance are being donated to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. If you would still like to donate, please do so here:

Thank you to everyone who donated to our silent auction, including Dalhousie residents, businesses at Dalhousie Station and vendors from our Farmer’s Market.


Event summary

The DCA is hosting a fundraiser and silent auction intending to raise funds for humanitarian aid in support of Ukraine. All proceeds will go to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. There are two main components to this event.  In the afternoon, Ukrainian Fine Food Truck will set up and offer a time to eat Ukrainian food.  We will open the gymnasium during this time so that participants can eat, bid on the silent auction, and see some Ukrainian emblems & cultural artifacts.  The second component is a concert featuring traditional Ukrainian music, musicians and choir and the conclusion of the silent auction.

Opportunities for Fundraising

100% of proceeds from admissions (pay what you can) and 100% of silent auction proceeds will be donated to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation in direct support of humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Ukrainian Fine Food Truck will donate 10% of proceeds from food sold to the fundraiser.

Program schedule

3:00 PM           Ukrainian Fine Food Truck Starts Service & Silent Auction Begins

6:00 PM           Ukrainian Concert Performance Begins

7:30 PM           Program concludes, silent auction concludes

If you are interested in donating, contact