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Dalhousie Transportation Analysis

2018 January 22

Three major new developments have been recently approved along Dalhousie Drive (Dalhousie Co-op, Birchwood and Intercare), as well as Northland Mall redevelopment. We know that the increased density and traffic generated will greatly impact our community transportation network and pedestrian safety.

The DCA asked Cllr. Chu to bring a Motion to Council at the time the Dalhousie Co-op land use was approved, asking that the City conduct a review of the cumulative impact of the additional traffic and density generated by these 4 developments on the existing community network (including vehicles, biking, transit and walking) with recommendations for improvement. The DCA is pleased to advise that the Motion was unanimously approved by Council. Click here to read the approved Motion.

2018 June 12

The DCA has learned that the recent Birchwood development permit application has triggered the commencement of the study. We will keep you informed as we move forward and advise residents of any upcoming opportunities to provide feedback.