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Volunteer to give back to the Dalhousie Community!

The Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) offers volunteer opportunities in our programs, services, Community Garden, Events, Board of Directors, ice rink maintenance in the winter, Farmers Markets, fundraisers, and more. Volunteering for the community can bring numerous benefits, both for the individual and the community as a whole.

Here are some things you can get out of volunteering:
  • Building a Sense of Community: Volunteering is a great way to connect with your neighbours. You’ll meet new people, form friendships, and develop a sense of belonging.
  • Skill Development: Volunteering develops a wide range of skills, from leadership and communication to problem-solving and teamwork.
  • Promoting Community Engagement: Volunteering can inspire others, including friends and neighbours, to participate in community events and programs.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Volunteering allows you to make a meaningful difference in your community.
Ways You Can Help Your Community

Dalhousie Casino Fundraiser

We are looking for volunteers for the Dalhousie Casino Fundraiser at the ACE Casino Airport on Sept 23 and 24, 2024.

This is a valuable fundraiser for the DCA raising $60,000 to $80,000 all of which goes to pay for local programs, supplies, facility maintenance and improvements. It raises more money for the amount of volunteer hours than any other fundraiser. In addition to receiving unlimited snacks and drinks during your shift, you will also receive a meal. It is a great time to visit and get to know your neighbours.

Positions include: General Manager, Banker, Cashier, Chiprunner, Countroom Supervisor, Countroom staff, Alternate General Manager, and Backup Volunteer.

If you have any questions, please email

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Dalhousie Community Garden and Food Forest

The Dalhousie Garden Committee is looking to expand the team. We have a number of volunteer positions that we need help with. Some roles may consist of multiple volunteers or one volunteer may hold multiple roles based on seasonal workload.

The Dalhousie Community Garden and Food Forest is an interactive, accessible and beautiful communal space for Dalhousie residents to gather and grow together. Developing a food forest and community garden beds fills a void within Dalhousie community: a destination that encourages residents to spend time outside, in a space that is cared for and loved by residents themselves. It gives a sense of ownership to the area, encouraging people to see themselves as stewards of communal space in addition to their own.

If you have any questions, please email

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Looking for other volunteer experiences?