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Subsidy and Affordability Grants

Effective January 2022, child care in Alberta became more affordable under the new federal-provincial child care agreement. Fees are lowered in 2 ways – expanded subsidy and affordability grants.

Subsidy for children from 0 to kindergarten-age (in kindergarten and also attending child care during regular school hours) has been expanded to include families with a gross household income of up to $180,000.

The Preschool will be receiving a new Affordability Grant directly from the Government irrespective of family income. This grant came into effect January 2022 as part of the Federal-Provincial child care agreement that will support the expansion of accessible, affordable and high-quality child care that gives families the choice they need.

These funds will be paid directly to the Preschool, which in turn will reduce tuition rates for families. Our Preschool program will receive a flat rate of $75/month/child.

Our program is also eligible for the Alberta Child Care Subsidy.  Please apply for the subsidy at the time you register for our programs. The Preschool reserves the right to request full tuition until subsidy applications have been fully processed and approved. Please inform the Preschool if you have applied, have been temporarily approved or fully approved. We also require a copy of your approval letters. If you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.