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5612 & 5620 Buckboard Road NW

2019 October Update

As many of you recall in 2015, Intercare submitted a Land Use Redesignation application to rezone 5612 and 5620 Buckboard Road to Direct Control to allow the development of an assisted living facility. In September 2017, Council approved the rezoning, pending the approval of a development permit. Fast forward to May 2019 when Intercare informed the DCA Board that their project would not be proceeding and they would instead redesignate the parcel to R-C1. In July 2019, Council approved the land use change and both parcels now are zoned R-C1.

Intercare Announcement to the DCA 2019 May 14, click here.

Amendments to Bylaw 300D2017 – Resdesignation of 5620 Buckboard Road from S-FUD to R-C1 District 2019 July 29, click here.