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Planning & Development

Our city is constantly evolving. New developments, recreational amenities, transportation improvements, etc. can all have an impact on our daily lives. Through the Planning and Development Committee (“PD Committee”) the DCA aims to provide information about planning matters affecting Dalhousie and resources to help and encourage all members of the community to become engaged in the planning process.

We are updating this section of the website to provide you information about the PD Committee and more up-to-date information on planning matters in Dalhousie and planning resources in general. This information…and more…will also be accessible via drop-down menu quick-links.

The PD Committee

The PD Committee is a group of community volunteers tasked with participating in the planning process on behalf of the DCA on planning matters affecting our community, such as land use, development, transportation (including transit, walking, cycling and driving) and broader planning studies or initiatives carried out by the City of Calgary or other groups. We endeavor to keep the community informed on key planning matters through the DCA website, Dalhousie Digest and social media and to encourage your participation. The PD Committee does our best to act as a resource when community members have questions about planning matters.

The PD Committee is governed by the Dalhousie Community Association Bylaws and by the Dalhousie Community Association Planning and Development Committee Terms of Reference.

Planning Resources

The planning process can be complex. The Federation of Calgary Communities (“FCC”) provides some great resources to help everyone understand the planning process through their Community Planning Toolkit:

More planning resources can be found on the City of Calgary Planning Website.

Planning in Dalhousie

The City of Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a statutory strategic policy document that guides Calgary’s overall growth, including shaping how our communities develop. While Dalhousie does not have a community-specific statutory plan, there are resources that the PD Committee can use to help structure input on planning matters, including:

  • Dalhousie Design Brief – a non-statutory document approved February, 1973

  • 53rd Street N.W. LRT Station Area Plan – a non statutory plan approved February, 1991

  • City of Calgary Transit Oriented Development Guidelines

More recent reports CPC2017-157 and supplementary report PUD2017-0600, Dalhousie Planning Your Community, associated with the development at 4739 Dalton Drive (originally Birchwood’s Dells, now Remington Blume) and CPC2018-026, associated with Co-op’s planned redevelopment of their site at 5500 Dalton Drive provide the PD Committee additional guidance.

In addition, the Future Layers of Dalhousie Report, prepared by students from the University of Calgary School of Architecture Planning and Landscape as part of their studies, provides a more up-to-date look at some of the planning aspirations of our community and paints a picture for a potential direction our community could evolve.

Going-forward, we can anticipate Dalhousie will enter into the Local Area Planning process in conjunction with other communities grouped into Area 14. This will largely be guided by the city of Calgary Guide for Local Area Planning and should provide many opportunities for public participation.

Dalhousie Co-op Redevelopment
Birchwood Transit Oriented Development