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Seniors and AISH tax clinic will be held weekly starting March 12 from 9am – 5pm on Tuesdays at the DCA!
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Eligibility for tax clients:

Age 55+ or AISH (age no bar) and Single (Income less the $35,000) or Couple (married or common law, combined income below $50,000).

*In all cases, we can not process any taxes that involve: Business income/self-employment, Rental income, or dealing with bankruptcy.

What to bring for your appointment?

    • Clients must bring all their T slips
    • Last year’s tax return/Notice of assessment
    • Annual Medical expense printout from their pharmacy
    • Donation receipts if any
  1. Appointment for a Single for 1 year: 30 min
  2. Appointment for a Couple for 1 year: 60 min