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Stay Tuned for more info for the 2023 Parade of Garage Sales on May 27 and 28, 2023.

107 Dalmeny Bay
5515 Dalhart Rd
5476 Dalrymple Cres.
118 Dalcastle Close NW
108 Dalhurst Way NW
201 Dalcastle Close NW
11 Dalcastle Way NW
652 Dalmeny Hill NW
5644 Dalcastle Rise NW
5836 Dalgetty Dr NW
5803 Dalgleish Road NW
5223 Dalcroft Cres
6015 Dalcastle Cres
119 Dalhurst Way
164 Dalhurst Way
5339 Dalhurst Cres
5568 Dalhart Hill
5864 Dalcastle Drive
5951 Dalcastle Drive NW
212 Dalcastle Way
5567 Dalewood Way
5327 Dalhurst Cres
5904 Dalhousie Drive

Our Spring Parade of Garage Sales and Parking Lot Sale is May 28 and 29! As usual, sellers will pick their date(s) they will host their sale. The Parking Lot Sale will be held at the Dalhousie Community Centre parking lot on Saturday May 28 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Mark your calendars and start gathering up items for a great sale!

This is a RAIN or SHINE event!

Registration IS OPEN, CLICK HERE

Existing members receive a discount but will first need to create an account, and then call the office to get their membership manually added to their account. Once that is done, they can register online at the discounted price.

Dates: May 28 and 29 (You can register for one day if you wish)

Time: 10am-3pm (you can open earlier/stay later, but this will be the time advertised!)

Location: A Dalhousie Community Centre garage or yard

Cost: $10 (same price if you are registering for one day or two)

$10 optional CASH ONLY deposit if you would like to borrow a DCA Garage Sale Sign. Signs are due back June 1 for a refund of your deposit (signs must not be tampered with).

Requirements:  Must be located at a Dalhousie resident’s home for the Garage Sale

Is a DCA Membership Required?: No

What Is Provided With The Cost of Registration?: The DCA does marketing within and around the community, as well as on social media and our website.  We provide the public with a map of all garage sales online and in-person.