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DCA Board is Looking for a Treasurer

The DCA is Looking for a Treasurer.

The Treasurer is:

  1. A volunteer who oversees the financial operation of the DCA. 
  2. A member of the DCA Executive Committee and Board of Directors.
  3. Working closely with the General Manager and Financial Administrator to prepare the annual budget and monthly financial reports for the Board. 
  4. The person who presents the annual financial report to the Annual General Meeting.
  5. A signing officer of the Association and ensures that annual financial statements are presented to the Annual General Meeting. 

The Treasurer isn’t:

  1. The bookkeeper. Our Financial Administrator takes care of bookkeeping and payroll.
  2. Necessarily an Accountant.  The Treasurer monitors our financial health and helps the Board make the best financial decisions.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee each meet monthly.  The Board doesn’t normally meet in July or August.

There are additional ad hoc meetings to deal with specific issues. Being the Treasurer requires 2-3 hours each week to prepare for and follow up on business and to deal with business between meetings.

If you can analyze reports, strategize, and communicate our financial position to the Board and other stakeholders, this is the role for you. This role will appeal to people with sound financial and business acumen. It will help you hone your problem-solving skills.

To volunteer or if you have any questions about the role of the Treasurer or what the Board does, please email