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Hello Dalhousie!


Our community has been chosen to be part of a planning project conducted by students from the University of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape. Throughout the project, running from now until about the end of March, students will be looking for input on our community from residents, businesses and community groups. This input will help the students better understand our community as they work towards developing a picture of how our community might evolve into the future.


Role of the Community – As a resident, business or community group, you are invited to share your knowledge and insights with the students via their online platform


Role of the Community Association – Through the Planning and Development Committee, the DCA is helping to promote the project and encourage community participation. We will also be providing our own thoughts and ideas to the students.


Anticipated outcomes – The students will develop a comprehensive report that can be used as a reference for the DCA and residents in shaping the growth and evolution of our community.


Past projects reports


Providing Your Input


Go to and click on Dalhousie, or go directly to An interactive map allows you to provide your input by selecting to drop a pin, dragging it to the map and typing your comments.


Hints for using the map:

·        On the left side of the map, you will see a “+” icon, click on this to add a pin.

·        Click on the pin marker and drag it to the desired location on the map.

·        Type your comments and click “submit”.


There is an option to register to provide comments. You will be asked for some information to complete the process. You can provide input without registering, though it appears you still need to provide an email address. Your comments will be public on the map along with your login or screen name. It does not appear that your email is public.


There is a “Terms of Use” and “Privacy” policy, which we encourage you to read.


Please note, though the Dalhousie Community Association is helping to promote this project, we have no role in administering the project or the NEXTCalgary website, nor in receiving resident feedback provided via the website or any matters related to terms of use or privacy.


Important Community Dates


While the online feedback remains open throughout the research period, there are a handful of targeted opportunities to provide input:


·        2021-01-26 Business groups meeting

·        2021-01-28 Local interest groups meeting

·        2021-02 (early month) Online community workshop 1 – Details to follow

·        2021-03 (early month) Online community workshop 2 – Details to follow




We’ve hit the half-way point on this project and wanted to thank you all for your continued participation.

We’re impressed by the number of Dalhousie residents who have come out this far – check out some of the numbers below. We’re looking forward to seeing each of you at the March 12 event (info on our web page), and would love to hear your opinions in part 2 of the traffic, transit and streetscape activity.