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Learn To Skate Program

We will be waiting to see what the COVID 19 pandemic is like come the new year, when we would typically offer our Learn To Skate program.  We have some maintenance to do to the rink before this winter, which we are hoping to start early this fall! For now, we do have some instructional videos and fun games that you and your children can enjoy to help learn the fundamentals of ice skating!

We hope that these are helpful.  As well, we have put out some pylons that you can find on top of the green bin outside the rink – if you use them, please put them back on top of the green bin.   If you would like to get a kick start to learning how to skate, please feel free to use the resources below:

Learn To Skate In Figure Skates:

Learn To Skate In Hockey Skates:

Tips For Everybody:

Games and Drills To Improve All Skating Skills:

Did you know, you can use markers to draw on the ice?  You can use this to help learn to skate, by:

  • Drawing lines to show where to start and stop, to practice stopping and going
  • Draw a long snake line that goes back and forth to practice turning
  • Draw a small picture on the ice and have the skater stand on spot and use their edges to scrap it away with their skate – this edge is used when stopping and can help them get the feel for it

Some great games to play to help learn and improve basic skating skills are:

  • What time is it Mr. Wolf?
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Follow The Leader
  • Simon Says
  • Even just throwing and picking up objects is great for learning balance and slow skating and stopping


DCA Outdoor Rink

Did you know that there is an outdoor rink right in Dalhousie? It is located behind the Dalhousie Community Center, at 5432 Dalhart Rd. NW! Our approximately 40 ft. by 40 ft. boarded (2 ft. high boards) outdoor rink is the perfect spot for you or your family to get in some ice time outside. Our rink is ideal for those looking to learn to skate, practice figure skating skills, a small hockey game, broomball, or a fun skate! There is lots of parking in our parking lot, just off of 53rd Street! There is no charge to use the rink, however we do ask that you are mindful of the trash and recycling that you may bring – please use the waste bins provided. With the current COVID guidelines, there would not be washrooms available for use during our office hours, as we are not yet open to the public – therefore you would not be able to enter the building at this time. There are benches to sit on to tie your skates, take a break, or have a snack. We highly recommend that people that use the rink wear appropriate helmets that protect your entire head to prevent concussions and other injuries. The Dalhousie Community Association is not liable for any injuries or theft at/around the outdoor rink. The DCA does not have any skates, hockey/ringette sticks or pylons to rent out – however we do have broom ball sticks and a ball if you are interested in renting the sanitized equipment! Please email for more information on this opportunity.


DCA Outdoor Rink Rules

The DCA is proud to be able to offer the community a boarded outdoor rink to use throughout the winter! While not all activities are able to happen due to Alberta Government COVID 19 restrictions, there are a few activities that can still happen for Albertans despite the pandemic – find out the most up to date information here: measures.aspx

Here are additional rules for the DCA Outdoor Rink that are to be followed by all visitors of the outdoor rink area:

· Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

· Helmets REQUIRED for users under the age of 18 (no bicycle helmets)

· Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult

· Limit of 10 skaters at a time, 1 hour time limits when at capacity

· Keep a 2-meter distance between other family cohorts

· No organized sport or activities, including hockey

No sticks, pucks, etc. between 10am-11am daily

· Passing of pucks, while at a distance, allowed – no slapshots or raised pucks allowed

· Be respectful of everyone’s space and skating abilities

· Face masks are recommended when on/around the rink

· No social gatherings in the DCA parking lot or on/around the DCA rink