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Development Permit Applications

The City of Calgary in most instances, circulates copies of Development Permit and Land Use applications to the DCA Planning & Development (P&D) Committee for review and comment. Over the past year, the Committee has received a number of applications of varied scale of renovation and development and anticipate the trend to continue. A few new construction projects have also been undertaken, as have a number of secondary and backyard suite permit applications.

Most often and depending on the scale of renovation, an application notice posting sandwich board is placed on the site to advise adjacent residents that an application has been made, the City planner contact, the review period and other relevant information.

The plans the DCA receives are available at the community center for residents to review; please call ahead to ensure the plans you wish to view are readily available.

The City of Calgary prohibits posting plans on the internet and we are asked to attach the following advisory to all plans made available for public review:

“Application materials are provided to you for the specific and sole purpose of allowing you to review and comment on the application for a development permit for a proposed project in your area of business/residence. Please note that use of these materials for any other purpose or making further reproduction or distribution of them is strictly prohibited and may constitute an offense under the Copyright Act (Canada).“

Photographs and photocopies of plans are NOT permitted although you can make personal notes. Plans are also available for viewing at the City Municipal Building. The City of Calgary also posts an up-to-date interactive development map on their website where all planning applications are noted.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding any application, please contact the P&D Committee by email at The Committee recommends that any feedback the City planner be copied to both the P&D Committee and our Councillor, Sean Chu at

Useful Links

Development Permit Public Notice

The Development Permit Public Notice is a listing of development applications that have already been approved by the Development Authority in accordance with The City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P2007. At this point, feedback to the file manager is no longer applicable. Once the development approval is listed below, citizens have 21 days to appeal the development permit decision if they wish. To submit an appeal to the Development Authority’s decision, review the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) appeal process.

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