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Contribute to Dalhousie’s Future

Contribute to Dalhousie’s future by sharing your thoughts online every Monday.


Activities are fun, and can be completed in as little as 5 minutes per week.


Melody Ma and Travis Dickie are students from the University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, and will be working with members of the community to collect feedback on topics like new development, public spaces, amenities and more from January through to April on the NEXTCalgary ( website.

Called The Future Layers of Dalhousie, the purpose of this exercise is two-fold. First, the students would like to learn how residents view the community, its amenities and hear some opinions about where they see Dalhousie in the future. Every Monday, the students will be asking for residents to contribute their opinions on key topics using map activities, questionnaires, and fun online exercises. The topics include:

  1. Parks and open spaces
  2. The pathway network and pedestrian realm
  3. Roads, traffic and public transit
  4. Residential and commercial development
  5. Indoor community amenities (IE: community centre, schools)

The second part of this project is to look at some of the ways that Travis and Melody can help bring Dalhousie residents together on short-term projects that matter to them, and do not necessarily require capital funding to achieve.

As students, their job is to bring residents together to work toward common community-level goals. For example, a popular contribution to the first online first exercise is the desire to have a community garden. Travis and Melody would help to bring people together to develop an action plan, develop designs and built a community network that could breathe life into a project like this.

Lastly, there may be barriers for some residents when accessing tools on the internet. The students would like to provide an option to make your thoughts heard using a paper survey, by phone or through other means.

If you have access to email and would like to explore other options for communicating your opinion, please contact to say that you are interested. It is recommended that you try to use the website first, however, as the activities are fun and can show you what some of your neighbors are thinking too. 

To visit the website, please visit and select “The Future Layers of Dalhousie” or scan the QR code in this article. If you are having trouble accessing the website tools, please try using another browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari), or try to access the site via a smart phone.